Story 1 The romantic story

A brief introduction to the story, the why when and a little how.

One of the reasons I decided on a romantic('ish) story was because I've not really written all that many romantic stories.
It didn't take me too long to write as it's just the needed bones, probably even a few missing.
When it comes to style I don't have much to show, just read.
The way I pictured this the colors make up the main way of conveying the mood, happy/good times/news are displayed using bright colors and sad/horrible/bad things will make the colors colder, maybe even turn things greyscale or black and white.
As for dialogue, I wanted to avoid using voices or subtitles and rather use symbols indicating what a character is saying/asking.
When I was first imagining this I thought I was being fairly original, though when I'm writing this I recall "Machinarium", the characters convey their thoughts using the very same system.
Anyways,the images I've got I've shown below, and after that you'll find the story outline.

The story.

A man struggles to find a gift for his girlfriend and ends up giving her a lung when she has an accident.

The story starts as a man walks by a jewlery and thinks about his girlfriend and the coming 1 year anniversiary.

Stopping at a window he looks at the display before heading in to find a gift.
He tells the clerk the occation and is shown a tray of rings.
The man points at one ring after another and is told it's price, finding them all to be too expencive he flat out asks if there is one he can afford.
There is none, let down by this he leaves the shop and continues his walk.

Walking past a fancy resteraunt he stops and looks at the menu, daydreaming about how celebrating their one year anniversiary with a dinner there.
Returing to the real world he glances at the prices before resuming walking, hanging with his head.

He enters a flower shop and asks the clerk how many flowers he'd get for his money.
Hearing the answer he sighs and walks outside crestfallen, he continues walking for  a little before his phone rings.

He answers it and is told his girlfriend is hospitalised and urgently needs a lung transplant to survive.

He rushes to the hospital he talks to the doctor responsible for his girlfriend, eagerly offering a lung.
He is tested and is confirmed to be a possible lung donor, he is prepped for surgery and soon looses conciousness from the anesthesia.

Waking up he finds himself in a bed next to his girlfriend, the doctor checks them both and explains how life with just one lung will be.
The man interrupts him and asks what date it is, hearing the answer he turns to his girlfriend and congratulates her on their anniversary.
The doctor continues his lecture as the couple reach for each other and hold hands.