Story 2 The moral story

This is one of my older stories, I had most of it worked out last year (well, most of it considering what I knew back then) but decided against using it.
The reason for that is simply that it's kinda controversial, least in my mind.

It all started back when I stumbled upon the results of an old poll, the one you can see in the image.
For some reason it just sparked a reaction, the ridiculous numbers most likely.
Before I go on I'll just make a note, I misread the poll the first time so my reaction was not entirely correct, but it still gave birth to a (twisted?) story.
I was annoyed by what I read and wondered if I could make something as a comment to it, and before long I had the base idea written.

My creation would be something among the lines of an old American "moral story animation", I wanted to show how ridiculous the poll results was and I thought this would be an interesting way to do so.
I had a specific clip in mind but I could not find it despite many searches, but I did manage to find some clips that were approximately the same, at least in the general style.

The story outline can be found just below the video clips.

The story

A group of stereotypic American children are corrupted by witnessing a sex scene in a game.

The story begins with a brief introduction to the characters and their personalities by the narrator.
One by one they encounter a strange man who calls himself T. Hedevil who offers them to try out a game.
The narrator warns them not to try the game, but they think themselves capable of handling themselves.
And so one by one they play the game seemingly unaffected by what they experience.
The narrator worryingly talks to the characters and expresses his worries for what the outcome of this might be, the characters reassure him they're fine before walking their own way.

The narrator explains to the viewer that we'd go to the future to see what would become of the characters as a result of this game.

We find Johnny sitting on his bed along with a girl, as she advances on him he suffers a panic attack and starts screaming wildly chasing her away.
We continue and find Little Timmy hiding behind a rock, a woman walks past and Timmy jumps onto her back and knocks her out with chloroform, he then drags her behind the rock.
Yelling “Oh My Gosh!” shortly after.

The narrator then goes to Sally Sue and expresses his glee that she has not been corrupted by the evil game.
Sally invites him to her home, he comments that isn't the most proper thing a lady should do but follows her.
Sitting on her bed he waits for her to “slip into something more appropriate”, only to be surprised as she walks out of her dressing room dressed in leather and wielding a whip.

Following his panic attacks from intimate contact with girls, Johnny has found his calling among the clergy and spending his days absolving the members of his congregation.
But when a young girl starts confessing explicitly he suffers a relapse and is heard around the world.

When it comes to character design I can't draw at the level of detail I'd want but I wanted them to be very stereotypical American children, influenced greatly by the older "correct" view on children.
The characters I drew are mostly for size comparison, I tied to get them to look something like I intended but....yeah... I like how T. Hedevil turned out though, I decided I'd use hard lines as far as possible on him and more curved lines on the others to make him look "different/odd/otherworldly".
The guys are athletes, the women are quiet and knowledgeable and the young kids are cute and innocent.
In this story I decided I wanted to really blow the "corrupting effect" out of proportion by greatly changing the characters personalities, it's not written in the outline but the game is a hyper violent game that contains one sex scene (emphasized to be a couple in love for added ridiculousness considering it's "corrupting effect").
I wanted to get the viewer/reader to understand that all the violent content of the game apparently had no effect but the one sex scene corrupts their souls and ruins their lives.

Anyways, the characters would remain mostly unchanged pre and post corruption when it comes to design, though Sally Sue and Johnny go though a wardrobe change post corruption obviously.