One man cartoon army

I think this is the story I wanted to make the most this year, I've been playing with the base idea for some time but during the project you read about in: "Teamwork to show us what's to come" I found myself using Celtex to organize it for eventual production.
At first I thought it was perfect for the SFP but soon I realized, this...was going to need a LOT of work, not to many important characters but extras left and right, props, environments, vehicles, many months did we have at our disposal again?

Not enough....or at least that was what I thought.
Despite having done group work a couple of times now I'm not good at estimating work when I have additional people to distribute the work to.
So who knows? Maybe this story might be doable after all? In any case I can imagine it needing a lot of work.

Anyways, style notes and whatnot.
For reasons you'll read soon enough I wanted t use two distinct styles, one semi "realistic" and one truly cartoony.
One of the non story related reasons is that I was intrigued by my experiments with non realistic modeling styles and animation and I wanted to try making a story that took full advantage of both worlds.
I've got a few sketches I'd like to show but that will have to wait till I get them digitized, sometime later today or tomorrow I hope.

The story

Will be written as soon as I get hold of my notes.